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Do you ever wonder what it's like to be Unspeakable's cool Minecraft skin? Wonder no more! With this cardboard head, you can be Unspeakable 24/7 (although, we don't recommend wearing it while you sleep, it's probably not very comfortable.)

The coolest part is, the head ships completely unfolded so that you get to put it together on your own. (instructions below). 

  • One size fits most. 
  • 12"x12" opening for the head, 11" tall
  • Created with eye holes, so that you don't have to worry about bumping into things. 

No refunds or returns. 

Pair this with your favorite unspeakable shirt for the full Unspeakable look!

Assembly instructions: 

1. Unfold the cardboard. Pull the face piece up to make it a 3D box.
2. Create the top of the head by inserting the tab into the slot on the back panel of the head. 
3. Fold the bottom piece in, with the green side facing you. The solid green panel will rest against the back of the head. The panel with the hole will rest at the top of the head, with the green side facing you.
4. Try the head on! The hole in the green panel will rest on your forehead, and the bottom of the head should stop at your shoulders. 

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