• WHITE SPLATTER T-SHIRT - UnspeakableGaming
  • WHITE SPLATTER T-SHIRT - UnspeakableGaming


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Unspeakable's new white splatter shirt features a unique paint splatter design, making it one of the coolest shirts that you could wear while representing your favorite gamer. 

Featuring Unspeakable's triangle font in black, this shirt is not only stylish and recognizable, it's unique! The tie dye process guarantees that no two shirts will look exactly alike. 

  • Gildan Heavy cotton 100% cotton t-shirt
  • White multi-color paint splatter t-shirt with Unspeakable's underlined triangle font in black
  • Available in adult size Medium

Wash with like colors in cold water. Tumble dry low or hang dry. 
Colors will bleed if mixed with other colors. 

Because tie-dyeing requires items to be washed and dried up to 5 times during the tie-dyeing process, there may be a 1" difference in size.

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