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Decorate your room with Unspeakable's new 12" x 30" Pennant. Featuring two different styles and an affordable price, you could get one or both to hang them on your walls and show off your Unspeakable Pride. 

Each pennant features Unspeakable's name, an icon and a quote to remind you to be the best that you can be.  

  • 12" x 30" Felt Pennant
  • Sold Individually. 
  • SOLD OUT Black with Unspeakable's font in green, and Unspeakable's crouching icon with the quote "There's only one you... Be adventurous... Be confident... Be Unspeakable!"
  • Red with Unspeakable's script font and waving icon with the quote "Dare to be brave... Dare to dream... Dare to be Unspeakable!" 

No refunds or returns. 

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