Hi, my name is Nathan and I create videos online.

When I was only 9 years old I built a car from a hovercraft…Pretty impressive? Remote controlled!

When I was only 8 years old I built a Lego city with 23,453 Legos...Is that impressive? No?

Well, how about when I was 2 years old I built the Eiffel Tower! With magnets, of course...

Since I was young, I've loved creating things and venturing into things I’ve never done. I also made videos about things I enjoyed. One day I decided that I was going to become an astronaut. Then, after a year of brainstorming, I got realistic and decided I wanted to be a YouTuber.


I started by making Minecraft videos, but unique ones that would draw a new audience and players to the game. After nearly two years of uploading unique, creative, and funny videos to my YouTube channel almost every day, I hit 100,000 subscribers. I felt like I accomplished the world, and I was on top of everyone! However, my journey hadn’t even started yet. I had to teach myself how to adapt, edit content in different ways, entertain an audience, and grow a brand up to the millions! I never gave up because I couldn’t go a day without thinking about what video I was going to create next!

unspeakablegaming video

24 | 7 | 365

You have to work really, really, really hard if you want to be truly great at something. For the last 3 years I barely took a day off, pushing myself to working 115 hours a week. I worked every waking hour for months. But I didn’t dread a single minute of it because my passion was dripping out of me. Every ounce of muscle and brain power wanted to create a successful YouTube channel that people from every country in the world would tune into. Take every day as a learning opportunity to improve. Take every failure as a learning opportunity to be better next time. You may move 5 steps forward today, but 3 steps backward tomorrow. Growth never comes from your comfort zones.


4 years ago I decided it was time to create a product I can sell. I had 730,000 subscribers...surely, at least one person would buy something! Right? I contacted a local shirt shop and visited a hardware store for shelves. Two weeks later I had 5 shelves and 600 products in my garage. 

unspeakable merch

I’ll never forget the first order that came in. Staring at that computer screen, refreshing the screen every second, just waiting… BOOM! A $19 order & a blue Unspeakable shirt!! I packaged it and shipped it immediately! 4 Years later, 2020, we have over 130,000 happy customers that shop yearly!


I created a clothing brand to connect with my audience better. To give them a piece of me they can have in their own home. When you purchase a product from us, you take unspeakable home with you. As I am extremely passionate about creating videos, I am just as passionate about creating a great product for you to purchase. I don’t just make these products, I use them daily! Our shirts, water bottles, hats, hoodies, and accessories I wear and use every day.