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Unspeakable has a new way to keep you entertained while being stuck at home. As simple as holding the paddles in your hand and throwing a ball back and forth, this game will keep you entertained for hours. 
You can play by yourself; Toss the ball up with one hand, and with a paddle on the other, try to catch it, or play with a friend; each one of you take a paddle and toss the ball back and forth until one of you drops it. 
This game is not limited to use with paddles, you can toss it at walls, desks, or any smooth, flat surface and it will stick. 
  • Sold Individually. 
  • Includes: 2 hand paddles in red or blue with Unspeakable font on one paddle, 1 suction LED ball
  • Throw the ball hard to make it light up.

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