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In the light, this looks like a simple black t-shirt with white font. When you flip the switch off, you get an awesome Unspeakable glow-in-the-dark t-shirt! The ink creates a very vibrant neon green, designed to be recognizable from a distance. 

  • Pro-tip: Do not wear this shirt during hide and seek; it will give away your hiding spot with it's bright glowing!

Black t-shirts with white font are classic because they match everything. This shirt adds extra flair when it's illuminated in the dark.

  • Custom tags that feature Unspeakable's crouching frog icon and font. 
  • 100% cotton - check the size chart, but order 1 size up, as there may be shrinkage when washed. 
  • Available in adult size XLarge

It is recommended to wash this shirt before wearing, as the black dye may transfer to other fabrics. 

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